Episode 01: Best-Of 2019!

For our 2020 premiere, let’s revisit 2019 with a Best-Of.

Our 2019 hosts return. We start the show with a beautiful musical gift from the sisters Deschamps and Marie-Anne Alepin who tells us a story. Then, we return to moments of the 2019 season. We will listen to an episode of the RDVs of Bernard Derome and to a tale by Charles Binamé from the special for the Lac Simon! We continue with Sanaa Bendahmane’s interview of Jamie Sevigny, spokesperson for the Canadian Space Agency’s Junior Astronauts program. Then comes the time to travel with chronicles from elsewhere by Romy Boutin St-Pierre. Finally, we will fall asleep with Isabelle Maréchal and the Little Prince.

Have fun friends. Wonderful year 2020 to all!

Happy New Year


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