Episode 02 : Cameroon Special !

Radio-Dodo is officially broadcasted in Cameroon! To celebrate it, here is a special program produced with the participation of ABK Radio, our broadcasting partner over there!
Make way for the party: Sanaa Bendahmane tells us a bit about this beautiful country that is Cameroon. Then, we join our young friends of the Difference school group (In Cameroon) who sing their favorite songs to us! Then, as a welcome gift, we (re) listen to the noisy tale Épaminondas, adapted by Nathaly Pasieczny and Chantale Morin from the tale of Father Castor Flammarion’s albums and read by Paula Henriquez-Karmis. We close the program with the story of Kulu la Trtue and Zé la Panthere from TV5Monde Afrique read by Gabriel Veiga.

Enjoy 🙂


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