Gabriel Veiga

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Gabriel found an escape in acting and writing at an early age, beginning his foray into the creative world in high school. Since then, he has done a bit of acting but he has mostly focused his time on the written word. In the recent years, he has written some television spec scripts, some screenplays, and a few short plays. While he very much likes film and television, he has a profound love for literature and books, which is why he has has studied English at York University in Toronto, having completed my Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in 2018. Recently, he released his first novel: Yesterday Is Not Yet Gone.

He is also the Producer, Editor and Host of his own show The Very Creative Podcast.

Gabriel has always had a fascination for telling stories, so he is very pleased to be joining the incredible team of Radio-Dodo. He is co-director (Season 2020), storyteller, reporter.

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