Who are we?

Radio-Dodo is a Canadian non-profit organization that produces a show dedicated to all children, with particular attention to hero children facing health challenges or that are in difficulty, children that are victims of brutality or wars and children that are refugees or that are from marginalized communities.


On the air every Sunday night at 7pm,

it offers them a moment of truce to dance, to sing, to smile until they fall asleep soundly.

Radio-Dodo is available in French, English and Arabic and is broadcasted in Canada via CHOQ.ca, Mali via Djekafo, Cameroon via ABK Radio and in Syria and Turkey. Thus, everyone can choose to listen to an episode in their preferred language. With this, we are certain to reach the greatest number of children, regardless of country and language.

Radio-Dodo aims to become the first international radio organization dedicated to children in difficulty and offer those children the opportunity to participate in the show by telling stories, reports or anecdotes. It will be a virtual platform just for them.


Our Team

Our team is composed of:

Board of Governors: Brigitte Alepin, Caroline Codsi, Bernard Derome, Louise Otis.

Co-hosts: Rahaf Ataya, Raphaëlle Larocque-Fugère, Ari Skye

Reporters: Sanaa Bendahmane, Bernard Derome, Louise Otis, Gabriel Veiga.


Brigitte Alepin, Marie-Anne Alepin, Alice Frechette-Alepin Chadi Alhelou, Rahaf Ataya, Suliman Ataya, Hugo Bélanger, Sanaa Bendahmane, Sylvain Bertrand, Dan Bigras, Charles Binamé, Biz, André Bombardier, Michel Marc Bouchard, Pierre Brassard, Catherine-Vincent, Chafik, Paul Charpentier, Alex Cheezo, Rosa-Pascale Cheezo, Catherine Clouzard, Caroline Codsi, Maxime Codsi, Fady Dagher, Maxine Denis, Bernard Derome, Martine Desjardins, Virginia Dumont, Catherine Duranceau, Macha Grenon, Paula Henriquez-Karmis, Annie Hudon-Friceau, Benoit Huot, Marie-Raphaëlle LeBlond, Claire Le Roux, Isabelle Maréchal, David Marino, Marie-Ève Marleau, Will Maurer, Francisca Montecinos, Sophie Mottard, Véronique Nazair-Blanc, Louise Otis, Nathaly Pasieczny (Crocjazz/Muzimonde), Mylène Paquette, Pascale Perrault, Marie-Chantal Perron, Danielle Proulx, Michel Rivard, Geneviève Rioux, Vincent Rousson, Sophia Sabbah, Nissrine Safa, Romy Boutin St-Pierre, Anne Salvagniac, Jamie Sevigny, Yves Soutière, Josette Trépanier, Kim Thúy, Gabriel Veiga, IsabelleVeilleux, Marya Zarif, Karine Zerbé.

Writers: Brigitte Alepin, Sanaa Bendahmane, Gabriel Veiga

Interpreters: Rahaf Ataya, Sanaa Bendahmane, Maxine Denis, Mirna Tadros, Elie Yabroudi (Arabe).
Yoline-Prisca Bouzy, Maxine Denis, David Marino, Rosalie Nardi, Teresa Picciano , Gabriel Veiga (Anglais)

Correspondents: Marie-Raphaëlle Leblond (Première Nations et Moyen Orient), Romy Boutin St-Pierre (Maroc)

Editor: Vanessa Marier

Recordings: Sanaa Bendahmane et Stephanie Jobin

Co-directors: Sanaa Bendahmane et Gabriel Veiga

Studios: CHOQ.ca

Collaborators: Paul Charpentier et Will Maurer

Media Relations: Brigitte Alepin

Financing: Brigitte Alepin

General Director: Sanaa Bendahmane



Mission of Radio-Dodo

Our organization is aimed at hero children facing health challenges or that are in difficulty, children that are victims of brutality or wars and children that are refugees from marginalized communities, who badly need words of love and comfort to fall asleep.

Radio-Dodo in short

Radio-Dodo is neutral and aimed at children in difficulty. More specifically intended for ages 3 to 12, an episode in French, English and Arabic is devoted to them every Sunday, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Radio-Dodo’s very first episode went on the air on January 1, 2017. To allow those in need to take full advantage of Radio-Dodo, in 2017, small radios and blankets were distributed to refugee children.


Lac Simon Mission

The magic of radio is “that the waves cross borders” said Brigitte Alepin, co-founder of Radio-Dodo during an interview with Obs.

 Gaziantep Mission

Radio-Dodo went to Gaziantep from May 27 to 30, 2017 to distribute radios and blankets to Syrian orphans.

Helping children in difficulty who badly
need words of love and comfort to fall asleep.

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