Jaeda Leblanc

Jaeda Naomie LeBlanc is a quickly rising 14-year-old Canadian Actress and Model. Aptly named after actress Jada Pinkett Smith and supermodel Naomi Campbell, the 2-time Joey Award Winner for Best Actress in a Recurring Role TV Family Series age 6-12 and Best Actress Guest Star in a TV Series age 7-10 is best known for her major roles in Big Top AcademySuper Mighty Makers, and Real Detective. Jaeda loves acting, drawing, singing, and playing video games, and enjoys reading and creative writing. Jaeda is immensely proud to contribute to Radio Do-Do (Radio Sleep) and hopes that her contributions will help reach even more children trapped in areas of war fall asleep, and be peaceful even just for a moment. “There is hope and we cannot stop believing it – one story at a time.” says Jaeda, “Sweet dreams.

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